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Review on Organic Green Rooibos
I've had a number of varieties of rooibos and, though I liked them they were always a bit too sweeter than I preferred. I decided to give this green rooibos a try and was pleasantly surprised. It has a naturally sweet flavor of honey without being too sweet. If you typically add sugar or honey to your tea I'd recommend trying Green Rooibos without sweeteners first. It is definitely similar to a green tea without being grassy and has a very smooth flavor. This is a great option for those who enjoy green tea but may be sensitive to any amount of caffeine.
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Review on Victorian Earl Grey
I'm a long time fan of Earl Greys and it's been my go-to tea for 20 years. I've had many brands and varieties including Assam's Earl Grey Cream (very good) and Double Cream Earl Grey (not currently listed on the site but outstanding!). My taste runs towards the stronger bergamot flavor. The flavor of this one is quite mild. For those who prefer a more mildly flavored tea, this one will be appreciated. I wouldn't mind a bit more of the rose petal and lemon peel taste. I found it difficult to detect. Overall, this is a good tea but perhaps not for one who likes an Earl Grey that packs a punch.
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Review on Classic Bergamot
My preference is for a stronger Earl Grey flavor but I found this one to be very pleasant in its simplicity. For those times when you want something a bit more mellow. Not my favorite but I would recommend it.
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Review on White Earl Grey
The Earl Grey flavor of this tea is definitely very light, but too strong and it would overwhelm the taste of the tea itself. I love Earl Greys and am happy to have it paired with a light tea that I can enjoy in the evening. I usually like my Earl Greys to be quite strong, but because this is a white tea its exactly what I was anticipating.
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Review on Ilam Artisanal - Nepal
I tried this tea for the first time the other day and was prepared to leave a poor review. It fell terribly flat. I decided to give it one more try and am so glad I did! I obviously did something wrong in brewing it the first time. This time around I'm really loving this tea. It has a wonderful light, sweet taste. I brewed a larger pot and had a bit left over and sipped it cold as well. This makes a wonderful iced tea also. Very refreshing!
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Review on Vanilla Cream Green
I just received a sample of this tea today and I'm an instant fan. The vanilla flavor is distinct but not over whelming. And creamy is not an understatement. This is an excellent tea. Highly recommended!!
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Review on Organic Mint Earl Grey
This has become one of my evening go-to favorites. I love the fresh mint taste; far superior to any other mint teas I've had. The bergamot is not distinct; in fact, I can't honestly say I can detect it. But there is a quality to this mint that makes it special.
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Review on Organic Green Lavender
I received a free sample of this tea with my most recent order and am enjoy my first cup of it as I write this. I will definitely be ordering more of this tea. The lavender flavor is wonderful! I made a cup for my husband and asked him what he thought. He remarked that the flavor reminded him of a pastry. It has a wonderful, light, sweet taste. Excellent tea!
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Review on Decaf Earl Grey
I can't rate this tea higher as the flavor is lacking. But to be fair, most decaffeinated teas are this way. Perhaps I've grown too used to the rich flavor of the double cream Earl Grey!! What I did appreciate is that it didn't have the metallic taste I sometimes find in decaf teas. My husband, who prefers black teas, did enjoy this one. I'll likely stick to caffeinated Earl Grey and save it for mornings.
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Review on Cream Black
However it is that Assam is creating these cream teas, they've got it down to an art. I love this tea! As with their other flavored teas, the flavor is not overwhelming. it's wonderful with dessert.
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